Best of Technology + Best of Logistics

ALN is a joint venture between Apollo International Limited and LYCOS Internet Limited, which aims at providing varied services in Technology, Digital Marketing and Logistics to our customers. We are essentially a B2B company, whose primary focus is to enable offline retailers, shopping malls and domestic and international brands to promote online and expand the customer base.

The best integrated eCommerce end-to-end solutions provider for brands across the world. We develop portals, build online shops, help generate traffic, process orders and manage direct and reverse logistics. Out end-to-end solutions consist of...

  • Ecommerce portal

  • Digital Marketing

  • Ware- housing

  • Delivery

  • Return Processing

  • Expertise in Technology Platforms and Digital Marketing. India's leading Digital marketing company with a turnover of USD 400 Million with presence in 35 countries including all leading countries in the Americas, Europe & the Asia Pacific region.

  • Expertise in Freight forwarding + Warehousing + management of express logistics through post or 3rd party Technology platform for direct and reverse logistics.

We enable retailers to move from offline to online medium and
help them to boost sales

  • Online Store Creation and Management
  • Online Presence & Brand management
  • Inventory / Warehouse Management Systems
  • Complete Logistics & Reverse Logistics Support
  • Listing Creation and Management
  • Order and Payment Processing
  • Customer Service Management
  • QR Code Integration
  • Mobile Apps