Complete logistics support with bank-end operations

We have a dedicated team working seamlessly to provide best-in-class logistics services to our customers.

Key Areas

  • Customer Support

    Order / Order Item Cancellation Managing Exchange Orders Return Requests Email Notifications Updating Ticket Status

  • Logistics

    Manifest Generation Transporter Serviceability Transporter Assignment Rules Advance AWB management

  • Finance

    Reports on Sales / Purchases COD Reconciliations Payment & Refund Reports

  • Operations

    Goods Receipt / QC & Putaway Barcoding / Label Printing Order Picking Invoicing & Outbound QC Stock Take & Cycle Count Stock Transfers across FC Inwarding RTO & Delivered Returns

  • Merchandizing

    Item Master Creation Managing Item - Vendor Linking & Costs Managing Vendor Promotions PO Creation Vendor Returns Managing Consignment Purchase

  • Automated Tasks

    Pick List Generation Fulfilment Center Assignment Putaway Lists Automated PO for JIT Items Logistics & AWB assignment Creating Tickets from Email